Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe Franchise Info

Opening your own Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe is an exciting opportunity. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider becoming a successful franchise owner.

A Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe Franchise Is:

  • OPPORTUNITY: To share and profit from a successful and unique business concept in a growing industry.
  • DEPRESSION PROOF: Sandwiches have been an essential food in almost every home for hundreds of years.
  • INFLATION PROOF: Being your own Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe operator will give the business the flexibility you require to stay ahead of inflation.
  • EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY AND SYSTEM: The franchiser guarantees the use of the trade name in an exclusive area. As well, "Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe" is a protected trademark that brings people back to the quality bakery concept of years gone by.
  • LOW LABOUR - The Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe outlets are designed to operate without a certified baker or cook.
  • SPECIALIZATION - A carefully selected assortment of breads and pastries are baked on the premises. Soups, sandwiches and hot entrees are available in a friendly environment.
  • FINANCING - Financing is available to approved licensees by lending institutions for a large part of the equipment and leaseholds.

Key Factors That Comprise The Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe System:

  1. Each outlet is located in an exclusive Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe territory.
  2. Each outlet is operated with a well-trained staff and backed by a responsible franchise organization.
  3. The success and profitability of each outlet is facilitated by technical, management and marketing experience accumulated over 20 years.
  4. Only the finest ingredients are used at Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe; the nutritional value of our menu is second to none.

Your Seven Steps To Owning A Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe:

  1. Please read over this information carefully and make a list of questions that have not been answered. Complete and send the application form with your questions to our office for review.
  2. Upon receipt and review of your application, we will send you a preliminary agreement to sign. This agreement will secure the right to a location in the area chosen by the franchisee, and mutually agreed upon.
  3. At this time, you will be invited to visit with one of our representatives. During this visit, you will see an existing Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe outlet, and meet various personnel you will be dealing with as a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe franchisee. Also at this meeting, you will be presented with all the details and documents you will need to become a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe franchisee.
  4. Once you have discussed our standard franchise agreement with your lawyer, you will forward the signed copies, together with the required store development fee, to our office.
  5. Together with Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe, you will now find a suitable location and secure an agreeable lease.
  6. Next, Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe will assist you with obtaining approved building plans, specifications and an equipment list. We will also help to coordinate the equipment installation, the initial purchase of inventories, and setting up your training schedule - which will include a minimum of four to six weeks in our training centre.
  7. Finally, our staff will assist you in your store during opening week.
  8. Franchise Program

    Projected Cost

    Sit Down

    Food Fair

    Store Development fee $20,000 $20,000
    Equipment $50,000 $45,000
    Leasehold Improvements $95,000 $75,000
    Inventory & Working Capital $10,000 $10,000
    Total $175,000 $150,000

    (These amounts may vary, depending upon market area, site selection and size of development.)

    Store Development Fee Includes:

    • Site selection and preliminary floor plans
    • Lease negotiations
    • Complete operations and formula systems
    • Store opening supervision, support and assistance
    • Store supervision during construction
    • Four weeks minimum training program
    • Accounting assistance
    • Assistance in obtaining financing
    • Equipment acquisition and the hiring of a qualified contractor

Franchisee Testimonial

We love producing our own fresh baking everyday - the aroma definitely drives up our sales!