Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe FAQ

Franchise Questions & Answers

1. Does Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe offer financial assistance?

With your input, Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe will develop a proposal designed to qualify you for financing by utilizing a small business loan program. A representative from Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe will accompany you to the financial lender of your choice for the presentation of your proposal.

2. How much does a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe franchise cost?

A basic cash investment of approximately $45,000 - $70,000 - in addition to a good credit rating - is sufficient to qualify for a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe franchise in most cases. The total cost is between $130,000 $155,000.

3. What does the store development (franchise) fee cover?

  • The site evaluation and the negotiation of the lease for that site.
  • Co-ordination of the unit's construction.
  • A thorough four to six week training program.
  • Operational assistance at turnover which includes setup of the unit and training of staff.
  • The loan of an Operations Manual, Bakery Formula, Sandwich Formula, Training Manual, Catering Manual, and Take Out Manual.
  • Support from head office personnel who are experienced in all facets of the Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe business.
  • The right to use the Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe trademarks and trade name while operating a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe for the term of the Franchise Agreement.

4. What is the continuing royalty fee and service fee?

The present fee of 8% includes both national and local marketing.

5. What does the continuing royalty fee and service fee cover?

It allows Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe to conduct industry research to develop programs that will assist our franchises to improve their operations. It also gives Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe the opportunity to test new products, equipment and other systems that will save you money. Our management team is available to visit and assist you on an ongoing basis. Royalty fees are also used for continual updating of our operations manuals and training program as well as research and development of new products. The fees also cover ongoing use of trademarks, licensed ingredients, formulas, store supervision and sales analysis.

6. How long is the franchise agreement?

The standard term is 10 years plus a 10 year option.

7. How long will it take before I can open for business?

We project 10 to 12 weeks after the Franchise Agreement is executed. The lead time for the machinery and equipment to be installed is between six and eight weeks.

8. Is previous experience in this field necessary?

Previous experience in a bakery or fast food business is not necessary, but demonstrated management capability is a must. The success of your business depends on your management.

If you have the time and energy that is needed to make a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe successful, we would like to discuss our program with you.

9. Do you have a training program?

Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe requires that you and/or your representative attend a minimum comprehensive four week course in the total operation and management of an actual operating Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe. You will be involved in every aspect of the business including production planning, accounting and finances. Your ability to provide on-premise management in your cafe is an integral part of your franchise qualifications.

10. Where do I purchase the equipment?

Complete equipment package can be purchased through Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe or one of our approved suppliers.

11. Where do I purchase my supplies?

All ingredients for your Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe location must be purchased directly from Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe or one of its approved suppliers. While your shop is being set up, a Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe representative will help you select a supplier for your secondary supplies.

12. Is there a standardized operating procedure?

Yes. Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe has developed systems and operating procedures that are designed to bring maximum benefits to your store.

13. What kind of support is available for my opening days?

A Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe field representative will arrive at your store prior to opening. He or she will stay for up to a week.

14. Will I receive continuing assistance?

Yes. Our management follow-up facilities are available to you at all times. We believe that clear and constant communication must be present between franchisee and franchiser in order for the relationship to be mutually profitable.

15. What hours will my cafe be required to stay open?

You can expect to be open typical industrial or downtown area cafe hours Mon-Fri 7:00-3:00.

16. Is the business seasonal?

No. Winter or summer, spring or fall, most everyone enjoys fresh and wholesome foods.

17. Can I sell my business at anytime?

Yes. It is your business and you are entitled to sell it, but you must submit the buyer's credentials for approval to Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe.

18. Can I own more than one Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe franchise?

Yes. Your growth potential is limited only by your performance and the availability of territory.

Franchisee Testimonial

Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe has allowed us to be financially confident for the future of our family as well as the freedom of being our own boss.