Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe Fresh Foods

How do we make it all so fresh and delicious?

Many of our products are baked right in front of you, making them the freshest you've ever tasted!

At Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe, we insist on specially designed mixes. From our flour to our purest quality shortening, we only add ingredients that meet our high standards. Mixed together, all of this creates the mouth-watering taste of homemade goodness, and breads that are firm, full and moist.

Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe's famous recipes are always being monitored to ensure that all of our locations are offering the same consistent product.

The Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe Concept

Using Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe own premium quality mixes and special recipes, our bakers start in the early hours of each morning baking breads, muffins, sweets, and all of our other delicious goods. As well, our prep staff is hard at work chopping the freshest vegetables and slicing the highest quality meats for our homemade sandwiches, soups, chili and other hot entrees so they are ready for our customers first thing in the morning.

"My fiancé and I have always enjoyed the pasta salad at Grandma Lee’s. Being a chef I loved the simplicity and freshness of the recipe, and was grateful that they would share the recipe with me, so I could surprise my wife and guests and serve it at our wedding. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it as much as we did."

- A Very Happy Customer

Franchisee Testimonial

The Grandma Lee's Bakery Cafe concept and structure is perfect for a small business owner and we would highly recommend it to any potential franchisees.